Table 4. Themes and subthemes for domain 'mechanisms of impact'
Themes and subthemesIllustrative quotations
General practice setting'…incidence at practice level was too low to really do the study. I think the set up at practice level and the organisation at the level above was not present to accommodate this study.' [P4]
'As a participating GP, I was only one day in the week at the practice, and that’s too little to run the research there…' [P5]
Recruitment process 'I think a more experienced project manager may have piloted some of the recruitment approaches in a smaller scale and then assessed whether they thought they were going to work or not or how you needed to change them.' [P18]
'We don't know what difference it would have made, but you could have the automated messages, the text messages you get that you know your test result is positive. If it could have said you know studies are open, go here...' [P17]
Regional differences'Regional differences can be attributed to the fact that Wallonia has a more hospital-based care, and also we, in Flanders, receive quite a considerable research formation during our training as GPs.' [P8]
'The unregistered product entailed risks that made general practitioners [in Wallonia] say that they we don't want to participate in this study because, they are already afraid for our patients. We don't know what the disease is and on top of that we are afraid to prescribe a new drug.' [P10]
Research environment
Research infrastructure in general practice'I think a change in infrastructure is needed. What must be always said here is that with infrastructure we mean infrastructure in terms of staffing… in terms of people, and not in terms of bricks or buildings or whatever or even machines. We need to build infrastructures for GPs to use.' [P5]
'I'm not sure how many future studies are going to be similar to the DAWN. I think if we're talking about GP studies, I think having more and more GPs who are experienced in research will help.' [P9]
'Having a CTC [Clinial Trial Centre] specialised in general practice.' [P8]
Government involvement'For medication and seroprevalence studies, the involvement of the government in making the trials more known should be established. This can help us have a better recruitment in general practice practices.' [P2]
'I think it’s a real shame that the therapeutics task force wasn't able to offer more support in communication.' [P17]