Table 2. Consultations, referrals, and prescriptions related to the disorder in patients with vulvovaginal candidiasis (VVC) and uncertain VVC
VVC (= 5088)Uncertain VVC (= 1978)P-value
Telephone consultation
Patients, n (%)2898 (57.0)1643 (83.1)<0.001a
Consultations per patient, mean (SD)1.2 (1.7)3.1 (4.1)<0.001a
Face-to-face consultation
Patients, n (%)3524 (69.3)1801 (91.1)<0.001a
Consultations per patient, mean (SD)1.5 (2.0)3.9 (4.6)<0.001a
Patients referred to gynaecology, n (%)222 (4.4)351 (17.7)0.009b
Patients referred for diagnostics, n (%)156 (3.1)241 (12.2)<0.001a
Patients with one or more referrals, n (%)1246 (24.5)995 (50.3)0.006b
Patients that received local treatment, n (%)2956 (58.1)1130 (57.1)0.002b
Patients that received oral treatment, n (%)579 (11.4)442 (22.3)0.673
Prescription per patient, mean (SD)1.9 (1.5)4.1 (3.2)<0.001a
  • a P<0.001. b P<0.01.