Box 2. Main results on paired samples n = 104 (for the same persons at two different points)
Transversal analysis Longitudinal analysis
Positive correlationsNegative correlationsPositive correlationsNegative correlations
Emotional empathy No correlation
  • Stress (T1 and T2)

  • Emotion-centred copinga (T1, T2)

  • Anxiety (T1)

  • Moral harrassment (T2)

  • Conscience-hitting (T2)

Professional support
  • Stress

  • Emotion-centred copinga

Depersonalisation No correlationNo correlationNo correlationAggression
Low personal accomplishment Emotion-centred coping (T1, T2)
  • Problem-centred copinga (T1, T2)

  • Taking perspective empathy (T1, T2)a

  • Dining out (T1 and T2)

  • Social-support centred coping

  • Problem-centred copinga

  • Taking perspective empathya

  • Professional support

  • aCorrelations found in all study analysis.