Table 1. Factors associated with provoked vulvodynia for vulvovaginal candidiasis (VVC) and uncertain VVC
VVC, % (n = 5088)Uncertain VVC, % (= 1978)P-value
Female genital symptoms
Vaginal symptom/complaint other6.910.3<0.001a
Vulva symptom/complaint other
Vaginitis/vulvitis not otherwise specified12.616.9<0.001a
Medical unexplained symptoms
Weakness/tiredness in general16.319.4<0.001a
Muscle pain4.24.80.186
Irritable bowel syndrome5.36.90.001c
Psychological conditions
Feeling anxious/nervous/tense5.36.30.047b
Feeling depressed4.04.70.107
Sexual desire reduced0.10.30.012b
Depressive disorder5.16.70.002c
Relationship problem partner
Micturition symptoms
Dysuria/painful urination5.15.80.148
Urinary frequency/urgency5.86.90.046b
Urination problems other2.33.50.001c
Cystitis/other infection27.329.60.015b
  • a P<0.001. b P <0.05. c P<0.01.