Table 1. Care home staff demographics
Participant IDHome typeMain roleTime working in present care homeTotal time working in care homesPrevious experience of researchAge, yearsSex
VENCH016ResidentialDeputy manager8 years41 yearsYes57F
VENCH017Residential dementiaRegistered manager13 years45 yearsYes62F
VENCH018Dual registeredNight-care coordinator20 years30 yearsNo53F
VENCH019ResidentialRegistered manager5 months15 yearsNo45F
VENCH020ResidentialHead of care7 years10 yearsNo34F
VENCH021ResidentialSenior manager27 years27 yearsNo70M
VENCH022Residential LD and nursingSenior nurse4 years10 yearsNo45F
VENCH023Residential LD and nursingNurse6 months14 yearsNo35F
VENCH024Residential older adultsSenior carer7 years16 yearsYes36F
VENCH025Residential behaviour and dementiaService lead (MH nurse)6 years13 yearsYes35F
VENCH026Residential dementiaDeputy manager16 years30 yearsYes60F
VENCH027Residential dementiaSenior carer20 years25 yearsNo54F
VENCH028Dementia nursing careCompliance manager (MH nurse)2 years25 yearsYes42F
VENCH029Residential dementiaCare support worker6 months2 yearsNo26F
VENCH030Residential dementia and Parkinson’sNight-care support worker3 years15 yearsNo40F
VENCH031Nursing homeCare workera 4 months4 monthsNo53F
  • aThis care worker stated they met the eligibility criteria but was subsequently found to have only had 4 months of experience working in a care home (eligibility criteria was 6 months). A decision was made to keep data from this participant. LD = learning disability. MH = mental health.