Table 3. Views of GPs and patients on when it is important to have contact with a personal GP
GPs (n = 249)Patients (n = 582)
Scenarios Important or very important
n % n %
Discussing future when seriously ill248/24999.6519/52998.1
Problems in the family242/24997.2424/46092.2
Problems at work230/24992.4383/42191.0
Anxiety about specific abdominal symptoms222/24989.2507/53994.1
Unexpected blood in stools161/24964.7459/53685.6
Sudden, severe chest pain76/24930.5427/53879.4
Regular blood pressure check47/24918.9290/52455.3
Sprained ankle25/24910.0243/54144.9
Splinter in the eye17/2496.8162/54030.0