Table 3. Translatability to telehealth score and corresponding virtual care solution type
Translatability to telehealth scoreDescriptionVirtual care solutionDescription
Embedded Image= Type 5Easily translatable over telehealth with no additional physical artefacts requiredType 5Clinicians and/or patients can easily exchange information over the telephone and/or video (for example, discussing diet or medication)
Embedded Image= Type 4Relatively easy to translate over telehealth, with minimal but easily accessible equipment requiredType 4Patients conduct self-assessment at home and communicate self-reported findings; for example, measuring weight, print electronic requests or results
Embedded Image= Type 3Moderately translatable over telehealth but may require patient to acquire their own equipment to do soType 3Patients acquire necessary artefacts through purchase or pick-up, and perform and communicate findings. Virtual guidance or training may be required; for example, measuring oxygen saturation or blood pressure
Embedded Image= Type 2Has the potential to be translated over telehealth but may require clinician to administer virtual examination, and may require patient to obtain special equipment and trainingType 2Clinician administers virtual examination. May require patient to obtain special equipment and training; for example, virtual foot examination
Embedded Image= Type 1Not amenable to being replicated over telehealth at this stageN/AN/A