Table 1. Examples of love and breakup letters (not real letters that participants in this study wrote). SDoH = social determinants of health
Love letter
I am grateful to youYou always encourage me to pay attention to SDoHThanks to you, I can improve the quality of my practiceThanks to you, I can treat difficult patient encounters without having negative feelingsYou always enhance my identity as a primary care physicianTruly, there are many things that I cannot do on my ownHowever, you help me keep motivated to make our society betterThanks a lot
Breakup letter
Enough is enoughWhat you are saying is just fine-sounding talkIt is hard work to address patients' social difficulties, for which I receive little gratitudeWhatever you say, I cannot change societyYou are just exploiting my motivationYou impose enormous challenges on me in my busy practiceMy patience has reached its limitI don't even want to look at you anymore