Table 2. Characteristics of patients who started a VKA versus a DOAC in 2018 with a first OAC prescription by a GP
Starters OAC in 2018VKADOACP value
n57 (12%)419 (88%)
Mean age, years, SD79.4±8.975.1±7.9<0.01
n % n %
Type of DOAC
Renal function (ml/min/1.73 m2)<0.01
 eGFR ≥503256.1%33379.5%
 eGFR <50 and ≥301526.3%378.8%
 eGFR <3058.8%0
 eGFR n.a.58.8%4911.7%
 Previous thrombosis071.7%0.33
 Previous embolism00
 Prior stroke or TIA712.3%307.2%0.18
 Heart failure712.3%194.5%0.02
 Antidiabetic drugs1119.3%6114.6%0.35
 Cardiovascular drugs5189.5%39093.1%0.33
 Gastrointestinal drugs4375.4%25260.1%0.03
  • DOAC = direct oral anticoagulant. eGFR = estimated glomerular filtration rate. TIA = transient ischaemic attack. VKA = vitamin K antagonist.