Table 2. Translatability to telehealth score interpretation. A non-colour dependent version of this table is available in the supplementary materials.
Metric 1: Clinical endorsement scoreMetric 2: Physical artefacts or physical interactions score
5 109876*
4 98765*
3 87654*
2 76543*
1 6*5*4*3*2*
  • *Not currently translatable to telehealth. Careful attention required when evaluating whether a task (with this score combination) is indeed translatable using current forms of technology.

  • Embedded Image: Easily translatable over telehealth with no additional physical artefacts required = type 5.

  • Embedded Image: Relatively easy to translate over telehealth, with minimal but easily accessible equipment required = type 4.

  • Embedded Image: Moderately translatable over telehealth but may require patient to acquire their own equipment to do so = type 3.

  • Embedded Image: Has the potential to be translated over telehealth but may require clinician to administer virtual examination, and may require patient to obtain special equipment and training = type 2.

  • Embedded Image: Not amenable to being replicated over telehealth at this stage = type 1.