Table 2. Questionnaire results
Detailed questionnaire results: ACEs or other risk factors (developmental, medical, social) identified and recorded for 21 children (three children per practice)Number of children (out of 21)
Frequent attender A&E (>2 times in 12 months)8
Calls to out-of-hours GP1
Split family (children divided or living with another carer)2
Did not attend developmental reviews1
Mother thought child was registered at a different practice1
HV 1-year review: child not crawling1
HV unable to contact family1
Child very active, HV to assess and refer to GP if felt to be a medical issue1
Maternal concerns re: speech and language development1
Maternal mental health problems; history of mental health illness; mother low mood postnatally3
Previous domestic abuse1
No recourse to public funds1
Mother does not speak English1
Poor family relationship1
Social isolation2
Not engaging with services or difficulty engaging2
Ongoing social services contact with family4
Ongoing follow-up by GP or other specialists6
Documented evidence that parents previously refused immunisation5
  • ACE = adverse childhood experiences. HV = health visitor.