Table 5. Stratification single-handed versus duo and group practice
Consultations in solo practice (n = 2602)Consultations in duo and group practice (n = 16 210)
Exp(B)95% CI Exp(B)SignificanceExp(B)95% CI Exp(B)Significance
Gender concordance
 Discordant dyads0.880.72 to to 1.160.05
 Concordant dyads1.001.00
Age concordance
 Discordant older GP1.090.80 to 1.480.591.010.87 to 1.170.91
 Discordant younger GP1.010.90 to 1.140.850.980.83 to 1.160.83
Gender GP
 Male GP0.540.24 to to 1.110.19
 Female patient1.001.00
Gender patient
 Male patient1.120.92 to 1.360.271.081.00 to 1.170.04
 Female patient1.001.00
  • The covariates Age GP, Age patient, and Chronic condition are not shown in this table, but were part of the calculated model.

  • * Age concordance was defined as a maximum age difference of 5 years between GP and patient.