Table 5. Quadruple aim 4: Improving provider experience
Sub-themeIllustrative quote
Team communication(n = 22/36 provider transcripts) ' […] management started a COVID café, which was not only a chance to learn different things relevant for your job, but also to connect with other staff members and feel less isolated.' (Southeast Ottawa, provider)'The system that we've got is so user-friendly to be able to stay connected with my colleagues. No, it’s still just as good as ever.' (London InterCommunity Health Centre, provider)
Work–life balance(n = 9/36 provider transcripts)' […] it’s been amazing to have more time in the morning. You don't spend all that time getting ready, you can take a walk, and enjoy the sunshine with your coffee outside. When your workday ends at four, it really ends, there’s no commute, so those are definitely a personal benefit.' (Southeast Ottawa, provider)
Additional training(n = 12/36 provider transcripts) 'There was no training on how to adapt your delivery of care virtually or even how to use maybe the PS Suites video platform.' (NorWest, provider)'I think the only hindrance was technological. The fact that we were all — I don’t think many of us had used Zoom before. There was a learning curve there.' (Access Alliance, provider)