Table 2. Descriptive statistics of quantitative results
SerialThemeQuestionTotal responses, n‘Yes’ answers, n%
1 Impact on practice Greater understanding of veterans 22919384
2 More aware of veterans' needsVery awareAwareSomewhat awareSlightly awareNot at all aware232621183812227511651
3 Impact of programme on practice (0 no impact–10 significant impact)231 (mode 5; mean; 5; median 5; standard deviation 2.53)
4 Impact on veteran Age group most likely to engage18–3940–5960–79≥80All equally likely to engage230248943668103919330
5 Veteran awareness of programmeVery awareAwareSomewhat awareSlightly awareNot at all aware231638767140317333117
6 Veteran awareness of veteran-specific priority treatmentVery awareAwareNeutralSome awarenessUnaware23167559731833326328
7 Perceived benefit to veteran of their GP having greater understanding of needsSignificant benefitSome benefitNeutralLittle benefitNo benefit231441224614519532062
8 Impact of programme on veteran (0 no impact–10 significant impact)232 (mode 5; mean 5.60; median 6; standard deviation 2.35)
9 Programme management Would recommend accreditation programme 23122899
10 Accreditation processVery easyEasyNeutralDifficultVery difficult23260116533026502310
11 Communication with RCGP during accreditation processVery goodGoodNeutralPoorVery poor23043127545119552420.4
Preferred training material (multiple response question)Online moduleFace-to-face courseRCGP veteran-specific newsletterWebsite updatesOther (central resource database or contacts with veteran organisations)194631801396842777603
  • RCGP = Royal College of General Practitioners.