Table 4. Study recommendations
1. Educational provision. To evaluate the current online educational packages and update and improve accordingly. Educational material should target all practice staff.
2. Specific development opportunities for veteran leads. Examples include developing networks across the primary care networks and connecting the veterans leads to their regional Armed Forces Covenant partnership committee.
3. More time to fully assess the impact of the programme. As highlighted in the limitations section, the timing of the study during the COVID-19 lockdown period and the reduced footfall within PHC will have impacted on the results.
4. Identify ways in which to better promote veteran-friendly accreditation.
5. Raise awareness of veteran status in the veteran community.
6. Research. Further studies could target help-seeking and engagement from certain demographic groups such as sex, age, minority groups, and families.
7. There is clear evidence regarding the benefits of the programme to warrant continuation of the project and further funding.
  • PHC = primary health care.