Table 1. Characteristics of the Asthma UK community participants as ascertained from their posts, and treatments mentioned by participants
Sample characteristicsn
Number of unique usernames, names, or pseudonyms (Hidden usernames excluded)* 67
 Adults with asthma48
 Children with asthma talked about by third party2
 Unspecified age17
Sex of participants
 Usernames with unspecified sex30
Number of posts n
Total number of posts 136
 Posts by hidden usernames11
Treatment (number of posts stating type of treatment)
 Preventer inhalers34
 Reliever inhalers37
 Combined inhalers33
 Nebuliser or nebules27
 Nasal spray7
 Prednisolone tablets4
 Magnesium (intravenous)1
 Not stated13
  • *This number does not include participants from the ‘hidden username’ group, which could not be accounted for.