Table 2. Source and average values for explanatory variables used in the analyses
CategorySourceMean 2018Mean 2019Combined means
Extended access days offered, nNHS England – practice submitted data3.464.413.94
Patients registered with practice, nGPPS890986408775
Male patients registered with practice, %GPPS49.249.249.2
Prevalence of long-term conditions, %GPPS51.352.451.8
FTE GPs per 1000 patients, nNHS Digital and GPPS0.540.500.52
GPs per FTE GPs, nNHS Digital1.381.391.38
Patients aged <5 years, %NHS Digital5.55.65.6
Percentage of patients aged >75 years, %NHS Digital8.07.87.9
  • FTQ = full-time equivalent. GPPS = GP Patient Survey.