Table 4. Regression outputs. N = 5829 practices. Estimates are from linear regression models and include practice fixed effects (not reported), standard errors are robust to heteroscedasticity.
CategoryPercentage of patients satisfied with accessPercentage of patients able to speak to preferred GPPercentage of patients satisfied with overall experience
Beta (95% CI)Beta (95% CI)Beta (95% CI)
Number of extended access days0.0002(–0.0008 to 0.001)0.00003(–0.001 to 0.001)–0.0006(–0.001 to –0.0001)
Percentage of male patients–0.17(–0.051 to 0.16)0.046a(0.002 to 0.90)–0.020(–0.046 to 0.007)
Number of thousand patients–0.002a(–0.005 to –0.002)–0.003a(–0.005 to –0.0008)–0.003a(–0.004 to –0.0009)
FTE GPs per thousand patients0.006(–0.011 to 0.023)0.018(–0.002 to 0.038)0.012(–0.0003 to 0.024)
Percentage of patients aged <5 years0.007(–0.001 to 0.016)0.008(–0.004 to 0.020)0.0036(–0.003 to 0.010)
Percentage of patients aged >75 years–0.002(–0.011 to 0.006)–0.0004(–0.001 to 0.011)–0.002(–0.008 to 0.005)
Percentage of patients with long-term conditions0.023(–0.006 to 0.052)0.056a(0.017 to 0.095)0.010(–0.013 to 0.032)
Year (2019)–0.012a(–0.015 to –0.009)–0.022a(–0.026 to –0.018)–0.006a(–0.009 to 0.004)
  • aP<0.05. FTE = full-time equivalent.