Table 2. Final ranking
Themes and competenciesPoints (%)a
Theme 1: Professional identity development and role definition by the GP
  • Knows the expertise, tasks, and work processes, and with that the (im)possibilities of collaborative partners, and can use this knowledge in daily care practice.

  • Knows their own expertise, tasks, and work processes and can use this knowledge in daily care practice, and with that is conscious of own possibilities and boundaries.

  • Shows awareness of the importance of interprofessional collaboration and is prepared to collaborate interprofessionally.

300 (17.7%)260 (15.3%)225 (13.2%)
Theme 2: Developing and executing shared care plans for individual patients
  • Makes shared decisions with patients, patients' families and carers, and healthcare professionals.

  • Is available for consultation, knows how to make priorities and to set boundaries.

  • Sees who can take the lead in a care plan and dares to delegate.

  • Informs collaborative partners proactively and on time.

  • Recognises and uses the possibilities of collaboration in the problem analysis.

  • Knows the social network and context of the patient.

320 (18.8%)235 (13.8%)185 (10.9%)185 (10.9%)185 (10.9%)180 (10.6%)
Theme 3: Initiating and maintaining interprofessional collaborative partnerships
  • Works out agreements with collaborative partners regarding roles, care goals, responsibilities, possibilities for up-scaling, and feedback moments.

  • Develops a shared vision with other primary care professionals regarding the collaborative partnership.

  • Initiates and maintains collaborative relationships with individual collaborative partners as well as within an interprofessional collaborative network proactively.

  • Evaluates the agreements and the collaboration itself with collaborative partners.

  • Shows leadership, expressed by decisiveness, direction, inspiration, creativity, delegation, negotiation, maintaining structure, conflict management, and overseeing progress.

445 (26.2%)310 (18.2%)210 (12.4%)175 (10.3%)175 (10.3%)
  • aCumulative number of allocated points by all participants (% of total allocated points in each theme).