Table 2. Participant knowledge and comfort in prescribing first line anti-emetics and all drugs recommended in guidelines
Safety of medications in pregnancyComfort of physician in prescribing in primary care
Participants reporting first line anti-emetics being safe throughoutpregnancy, %Participants reporting all guideline-recommended drugs being safe inpregnancy, %Participants reporting first line anti-emetics not being safe in pregnancy, %Participants reporting that guideline-recommended medications should not be prescribed in pregnancy, %
Confidence levels
 Not at all/not so confident27%28%7%30%
 Somewhat confident52%50%5%17%
 Very confident55%57%5%17%
P value0.090.04a 0.490.04a
Additional qualifications/additional clinical experience
P value0.
Previous teaching on hyperemesis gravidarum (HG)
 HG teaching52%49%5%16%
 No HG teaching43%43%6%21%
P value0.340.290.270.18
  • aStatistically significant. HG = hyperemesis gravidarum.