Table 3. Study participants' experiences of GDM follow-up, weight development, and attitudes to future diabetes risk (n = 14)
Categoryn (%)
Follow-up in pregnancya
 Good8 (57)
 Middle3 (21)
 Not good3 (21)
Follow-up after pregnancya
 Good2 (14)
 Middle2 (14)
 Not good10 (71)
HbA1c measurement after pregnancy
 Participant’s initiative8 (57)
 GP’s initiative1 (7)
 Not measured5 (36)
Weight development after pregnancyb
 Weight gain8 (57)
 Weight loss6 (43)
The experience with GDM will affect lifestyle and diet in next pregnancy
 Yes13 (93)
 No1 (7)
Aware of or thinking about future diabetes risk
 Yes12 (86)
 No2 (14)
  • aParticipants were asked to select a response. bCompared with pre-pregnancy weight in first pregnancy. GDM = gestational diabetes mellitus.