Table 3. Overall level of agreement on inclusion of each item (n = 39) in the SHARE-D aid
CategoryOverall agreement on inclusion of each item, %Overall agreement on inclusion (Randolph’s K)95% CILevel of agreementa P value
Overall agreement for sample (n = 34)74.90.620.54 to 0.71Substantial0.001
Health professional agreement (n = 19)76.40.680.60 to 0.76Substantial0.001
Patient and support worker agreement (n = 15)73.40.580.47 to 0.65Moderate0.001
  • Level of agreement based on the following categories: <0: poor agreement; 0.0–0.20: slight agreement; 0.21–0.40: fair agreement; 0.41–0.60: moderate agreement; 0.61–0.80: substantial agreement; 0.81–1.0: almost perfect agreement.