Table 3. Multivariate logistic model on associations between NSAID prescription and AKI within 4 months from the start of prescription period
CharacteristicOdds ratio95% CIP-value
Age group, years (versus 18–40)40–591.651.272.18<0.001
Sex (versus male)Female1.110.971.270.13
Socioeconomic status, IMD quintile (versus 5, least deprived)41.190.961.460.11
1 (most deprived)1.691.362.09<0.001
CKD (versus no CKD)1.611.301.97<0.001
CVD (versus no CVD)1.781.472.14<0.001
Heart failure (versus no heart failure)1.781.232.510.001
Diabetes (type 1 or 2 versus no diabetes)1.501.251.78<0.001
Hypertension (versus no hypertension)1.411.211.64<0.001
  • Cohort: N = 77 422; AKI: n = 915. CKD = chronic kidney disease. CVD = cardiovascular disease. IMD = Index of Multiple Deprivation.