Table 1. Odds ratios of a consultation having a follow-up consultation with a blood test within 7 days, by consultation type. The initial consultation may either be a face-to-face consultation with or without a blood test, or a telehealth consultation with or without a blood test. The follow-up consultation was reported separately by consultation type: either any kind of consultation or face-to-face consultation, with blood tests. Odds ratios in reference to face-to-face consultations without blood tests
Follow-upAny consultation typeFace-to-face consultation
InitialCrude OR(95% CI)Adj OR (95% CI)Crude OR (95% CI)Adj OR (95% CI)
Face to faceNo blood testReference
Blood test3.42(3.40 to 3.45)3.00 (2.98 to 3.03)3.28 (3.25 to 3.30)2.86 (2.84 to 2.89)
TelehealthNo blood test1.82 (1.81 to 1.84)1.71 (1.69 to 1.73)1.35 (1.34 to 1.37)1.31 (1.30 to 1.33)
Blood test3.62 (3.53 to 3.71)3.13 (3.06 to 3.21)1.30 (1.25 to 1.36)1.18 (1.13 to 1.22)
  • Adj OR = adjusted odds ratio (controlled for age, sex, Primary Health Network [PHN], and week of the year). OR = odds ratio. P values are statistically significant (<0.001), unless otherwise specified.