Table 3. Estimated number of patients who used Sleepio by population
Estimated patients based on EMIS dataEstimated patients based on Sleepio data
Population Population size, n n % n %
EMIS sample10 70510089.42Unknowna Unknowna
Nine practices129 8651008b 0.78c 12200.94
Buckinghamshire540 0594192c 0.78c 31340.58
Thames Valley2 300 00017 940c 0.78c 12 3740.54
England55 980 000434 512c 0.78c 302 292c 0.54b
  • aUnknown represents the number of people across the EMIS sample who registered in the Sleepio app, which the authors were not able to observe because the two data sets could not be linked. bExtrapolated from observation. cAssumed from extrapolation.