Table 2. Summary characteristics of study practices and demographics of interviewees (with comparison, where relevant, to Scottish average)
Participants10 (5 trainers, 5 non-trainers)
Location ( r egion of deanery)
Practice size
 Average practice size5620
 Scotland average5710
 Range in practices interviewed2827–9118
 Proportion of practice in the most deprived quintile (2015), %63.61
 (Scotland average), %16.2
 Range in practices interviewed, %25.6–87.9
 Average deprivation scoreb 4.54
 Scotland average3.11
 Range in practices interviewed3.95–4.81
Age of interviewee, years
Sex of interviewee
  • a Unless otherwise stated. bDeprivation score weighted by the proportion of the practice population in each of the five deprivation quintiles: 1 (most affluent)–5 (most deprived). For example, practice eight had a lower proportion of patients in quintile 1 but had a higher score as almost all their patients lived in postcodes in the two most deprived quintiles.