Table 3. Azithromycin prescribing in cases of COVID-19. For each unit rise in COVID-19 cases there has been a 3% rise in azithromycin prescriptions. Aged ≥65 years, female sex, being more deprived, northern regions, lower respiratory tract infections or influenza-like-illness infections are all associated with a higher rate of prescribing.
Azithromycin prescribing rateIRRLowerUpperP
95% CI95% CI
COVID-19 confirmed count1.031.021.03<0.0001
Age band (reference level: 0–15)
 Sex (reference level: F)0.540.450.65<0.0001
IMD quintile (reference level: Q1 most deprived)
 Q5 (least deprived)0.660.500.880.0048
NHS region (reference: London)
 The Midlands and East5.734.287.69<0.0001
 North East and Yorkshire12.889.1818.07<0.0001
 North West10.317.3414.49<0.0001
 South East2.822.013.96<0.0001
 South West1.411.011.980.0453
Respiratory disease
 LRTI count1.941.921.97<0.0001
 URTI count0.890.880.90<0.0001
 ILI count1.601.541.68<0.0001
  • ILI = influenza-like-illness. IMD = Index of Multiple Deprivation. LRTI = lower respiratory tract infections. URTI = upper respiratory tract infections.