Table 2. Illustrative quotes of the interface between GPs and the pharmaceutical industry
Meetings in practice ‘If it was something a nurse would be dealing with, for example an intrauterine device or contraception then yes. Medical students are always fair game. Receptionist, probably not, but they might give them post-its or something.’ (P10)
‘Until about 10 years ago, you might end up with about two or three in a day which became a bit unmanageable so we reduced to one a day. So, for 5 days a week we all see a rep.’ (P13)
Continuing professional development ‘At CME or maybe at the Christmas CME like if there was a meal, they’d come in and they’d literally give, this is our product talk for 5 minutes and then off they go.’ (P2)
‘Conferences that I would go to there are undoubtedly [pharmaceutical industry] stands and tables set up for the coffee breaks, for the lunch breaks’ (P11)
  • CME = Continuing Medical Education. P = participant.