Table 1. Responder demographics, work environment characteristics, and measures of mental health problems and illnesses
Overall (n = 257)
Age, years (mean, SD)41.93 (12.12)
Sex (n, %)
 No response41.56
Ethnic group (n, %)
 No response41.56
Marital status (n, %)
 Divorced or separated62.33
 No response51.95
Educational qualifications (n, %)
 MBBS with other postgraduate qualifications19676.26
 No response41.55
Type of employment (n, %)
 Full time21884.82
 Part time176.61
 No response51.95
Main workplace setting (n, %)
 Individual private practice6023.35
 Shared private practice6224.12
 No response51.95
PHPC scheme for clinics in private practice (n, %)
 N/A (work in PHI)11444.36
 No response62.33
Clinically active years (n, %)
 No response51.95
Number of previous outbreaks participant has been clinically involved in (n, %)
 Mean (SD)2.17 (1.59)
ScalesMeeting cut-off
 GAD-7 (n, %)5521.40
 PHQ-9 (n, %)6826.56
 Impact of Events-Revised (n, %)238.94
Mean (SD)Meeting cut-off
Oldenburg burnout inventory
 Meeting cut-off for both disengagement and exhaustion (n, %)21182.10
 Disengagement (mean score)2.72
 Exhaustion (mean score)2.57
  • GAD-7 = Generalised Anxiety Disorder-7. PHI = public health institution. PHPC = Public Health Preparedness Clinic. PHQ-9 = Public Health Questionnaire-9