Table 3. Supporting quotes for the 'WAItE design and content considerations' theme
Sub-themeExample quotes
Views of the level of focus on weight in the WAItE tool'So I have to say I struggle a little bit with this tool because many of the questions, I think, are so non-specific.' (P4, Female, GP)'It could be really useful, but maybe not mentioning weight.' (P2, Female, GP)
Views on the WAItE questionnaire length'I think first of all on a positive it’s short and it’s easy to use, and I think that’s a real benefit to it.' (P15, Female, GP)'I definitely thought it was a good length, so I didn’t feel it was too long or too short or anything like that, which is good. I certainly think it’s long enough to get some decent information.' (P13, Male, GP)
Clarity and relevance of WAItE tool items'They [the questions] certainly look very relatable to children and young people.' (P11, Female, GP)'I thought it [the WAItE questionnaire] was quite simple and easy to look at, and I think it would be quite easy for them [young people] to understand.' (P14, Female, Practice nurse)'They [the questions] very much suit that age group.' (P12, Female, GP)'I think the questions would have been fine for that young man [a patient with Down’s syndrome].' (P2, Female, GP)'”People treat me differently when I go out” — differently to who? Differently to when I stay in, or differently to other people I go out with?' (P4, Female, GP)'I mean I don’t know how an 11 year old would … I think it all depends on what their mental status is and how smart they are for them to answer those questions.' (P10, Female, GP)
Views on the WAItE tool response scale'People are more likely to answer questionnaires like that where they’ve got tick-boxes.' (P18, Female, Practice nurse)'I also think you’ve got, in terms of “never, almost never, sometimes, often, and always”, that’s good. I like the fact you’ve got ”sometimes” in the middle. A lot of questionnaires don’t have an absolute in the middle.' (P13, Male, GP)'Now the questions of "never", "sometimes", "often", and "always", when would you say "sometimes" and when would you say "often"?' (P10, Female, GP)'I think if this was to generate a number or for example if somebody ticked "always" for everything, then that certainly could help.' (P16, Male, GP)
  • WAItE = Weight-specific Adolescent Instrument for Economic-evaluation.