Table 2. Complaint themes except professionalism
Sensitising conceptTheme n (%)Exemplary quotations (complaint identifier)
Medical expertiseMissed diagnosis177 (21) 'Eventually, the toe turned out to be broken after all.' (1120)
'Because of persistent complaints, my own doctor later referred me to the cardiologist, who diagnosed myocardial infarction.' (1003)
'The following day, my appendix was found to be inflamed and I had to have an operation immediately.' (1431)
Medical expertiseInsufficient medical examination99 (12) 'He only felt with two fingers whether there was a temperature difference. Furthermore, he didn’t perform any physical examination.' (1739)
'I was briefly examined and then dismissed.' (1853)
Medical expertisePoor or unsuccessful clinical treatment71 (9) 'However, placing the catheter had no effect.' (1427)
'The anaesthetics did not go smoothly; the anaesthetic fluid came out through the wound and did not work.' (1808)
ManagingLong waiting time for care55 (7) 'After three hours, there was still no doctor and the pain became unbearable for my wife.' (1006)
ManagingRefusal to visit or consult47 (6) 'A doctor can never make a diagnosis over the phone! After repeatedly emphasising that it was really impossible to come to the clinic, the doctor even started a discussion.' (1202)
'We had to wait over an hour in the waiting room.' (1868)
Medical expertiseOutdated, wrong, or absent advice29 (3) 'Further advice was not given, so a restful sleep was not an option.' (0944)
'When asked by my own doctor, this advice turned out to be incorrect.' (1739)
ManagingFinance and billing17 (2) 'She received no advice during the phone call, on the contrary, the call was broken off for no reason at all. Because of this, we are unpleasantly surprised to have to pay an amount of 25 euros and request a remission of the amount.' (1823)
CommunicationNot called back5 (1) 'My brother was then informed that he would be called back by the doctor within 10 minutes about the situation. However, he has not been called back at all!' (1701)