Table 3. Trial entry criteria for research participants
Inclusion c riteria
  •  Registered with a participating GP practice (with at least six individuals coded as having severe mental illness), which refer into recruited community mental health teams, within one of the four region NHS Trusts: Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust, Livewell South West (Plymouth), Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, or Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

  •  Aged ≥18 years

  •  A clinical diagnosis of schizophrenia, bipolar, or other types of psychoses

  •  Evidence for care need in relation to this diagnosis in previous 2 years (automatic for those in secondary care; assessed from notes for primary care only).

Exclusion c riteria
  •  Inability to understand English (or access translation services)

  •  Inability to give informed consent

  •  Significant need requiring ongoing secondary multi-disciplinary care (such as those meeting criteria for assertive outreach or early intervention functions, and therefore defined as higher, rather than lower, risk or need)

  •  Currently receiving home crisis care or care in an inpatient or secure setting

  •  Those excluded at the discretion of GPs, if it is felt that inclusion in this trial is not within the best interests of their patient

  •  Currently participating in a cognitive behavioural therapy, or a psychosocial or medicinal trial for psychosis or bipolar

  •  Individuals with a primary diagnosis of dementia receiving secondary care for dementia

  •  Individuals with a primary diagnosis of learning disability receiving care from secondary care for learning disability

  •  Individuals with ongoing significant and chaotic substance or alcohol misuse, making engagement with trial and intervention problematic

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