Table 3. Explanatory quotes about complaints pertaining to professionalism
ThemesExplanatory quote
Not taken seriously 'I am really angry that my complaint was not taken seriously.' (1130)'I am very angry that I was not taken seriously and have been dismissed as a hysterical person.' (0913)'Then, the doctor said: "and what was the urgent problem again?"' (1108)'What are you doing here? You have only had troubles for a few days now, and the OOH GP is only for emergency care.' (1452)'The doctor cannot find anything wrong and said: "You just have a cry-baby."' (1136)
Patronised 'Then, we were told that we were absolutely not allowed to consult the OOH GP for these complaints.' (0919)
Spoken to unpleasantly 'The doctor did not answer my questions, but barked at me.' (1008)
Inappropriate comment 'This comment was extremely out of place at that time.' (1305)
Lack of empathy 'She examined her with a total lack of empathy.' (1105)
Rushed 'I got the feeling that she was in a great hurry.' (1311)
No introduction 'The doctor did not introduce himself.' (1754)
Not shaking hands 'He did not shake my hand upon entering.' (1106)
Arrogant 'The doctor’s attitude was arrogant and disrespectful.' (1413)
Uninterested 'The doctor was sleepy, inattentive, and uninterested.' (1763)
Physical harshness 'The doctor was very hard-handed.' (0901)
Unwanted intimacy 'My daughter felt she was touched in an unpleasant way.' (1435)