Table 3. Univariate analysis with characteristics of patients and GPs in the oral nutritional supplements (ONS) user and high ONS user groups
<660 ONS units≥660 ONS units
S ex
A r ea ( n = 912 )
South/south east Dublin8457.56242.5
West/south west Dublin18448.719451.3
North/north west Dublin18748.220151.80.130
Residential status
Living in a private nursing home9053.97746.1
Living independently36549.038051.00.270
A ge category
≥18 to 44 years3433.76766.3
≥45 to 64 years6331.713668.3
≥65 years35858.725241.3<0.001
Type of ONS a
ONS type 123945.728454.3
ONS type 220864.011736.0<0.001
G eneral p olypharmacy
No polypharmacy (<5 drugs)12842.717257.3
Polypharmacy (≥5 drugs)22253.419446.6
Excessive polypharmacy (≥10 drugs)10553.69146.40.009
CNS drug dispensed b
No CNS drug12555.310144.7
CNS drug (<5 drugs)30250.229949.8
CNS polypharmacy or excessive polypharmacy (≥5 drugs)2832.95767.10.002
C irculatory drug dispensed c
No circulatory drug14641.720458.3
Circulatory drug (<5 drugs)20753.218246.8
Circulatory polypharmacy or excessive polypharmacy (≥5 drugs)10259.07141.0<0.001
GP s
A ge category
≥18 to 44 years11346.313153.7
≥45 to 64 years26351.824548.2
≥65 years7949.48150.60.370
A rea
South/south east Dublin10254.08746.0
West/south west Dublin16149.116750.9
North/north west Dublin18247.620052.4
  • aThis variable only includes those patients who were on one ONS type, ONS type 1 includes the two most common type of ONS as per Figure 2 (high energy and very high energy standard protein sip feed with or without fibre), ONS type 2 includes the other ONS types represented in Figure 2 (high energy shots, high protein sip feed, high energy semi-solid, textured modified high energy/high protein sip feeds). bCNS medication include drugs to treat anxiety; insomnia; psychoses; mood disorders; obsessive compulsive disorder; nausea; vomiting; vertigo; epilepsy and seizures; Parkinson's; Alzheimer's; multiple sclerosis; attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and narcolepsy. cCirculatory medication include drugs to treat hypertension; oedema; heart failure; arrhythmias; angina; prevent myocardial infarction, stroke, and vascular events; hypercholesterolaemia; vascular diseases such as Raynaud's and pulmonary arterial hypertension; haemorrhage; anaemia and neutropenia.

  • CNS = central nervous system. GP = general practitioner. ONS = oral nutritional supplements.