Table 1. Three factors described by Kanter as driving motivation of a workforce9
MeaningRepeat and reinforce a larger purposePeople are motivated to the tasks of daily work by their perceptions of the meaning behind their work — why it matters. People must be supported to develop and engage with an understanding of why what they do matters.If the positive impact of work done by an individual is emphasised regularly, even mundane tasks can become a means to a larger end and so become accepted into everyday actions.
MasteryHelp people develop deep skillsPeople are motivated to do their job by a desire for mastery — the development and delivery of expertise.When people are given the adequate tools and support for their role, they are better able to complete the tasks with increasing efficiency; even those tasks that may be perceived as routine and mundane.
MembershipCreate community by honouring individualityFor people to be motivated to do their job, they must feel part of a community that supports and enables them to flourish both as an individual and collectively.Collective working enables individual strengths and values to be developed and utilised while contributing to broader goals.