Table 4. Outcomes and relevance to self-determination theory components (n = 25/29 transcripts)
Subtheme Examples SDT component(s) a
Social connections(n = 24/29 transcripts) 'For myself, when I first started coming here, they gave me the opportunity to understand what the situation was, to understand what stress is, what type of stresses there were, and they gave me all these tools to how to help. But along with that, just within the groups I found that it’s not just attacking stress, it’s the friendships there that I’ve gained, the community, the laughter, everything attributes to this problem that they never mentioned in the course. These are things that also would help my stress.' (Centretown patient)C, R
Sense of community(n = 14/29 transcripts) 'By giving of my time, I have felt much more integrated into the community … So by going out and doing things, I have felt--multiple things, not just this volunteer work, I feel like I’m getting back to being myself, to establishing what I used to be … and this is feeling like home.' (South Georgian Bay health champion)C, R
Improvement in self-management of health (n = 15/29 transcripts) 'Sometimes you can feel so overwhelmed by the challenges you’re facing, but when you get involved with a group and with other people and you share, it can just be totally transforming of your life.' (Centretown patient)C, R
Improvement in mental health (n = 25/29 transcripts) 'So this is kind of giving me a feeling of, you know what, you’re not useless. You don’t need a computer to be useful. There are other ways you can be useful and helpful, so that’s really important to me because it’s been many years for me now since I’ve really felt like, yeah, you know what, if I don’t have my part-time evening job, there’s something else that I can do.' (Guelph health champion)C
Positive impact on others(n = 12b/29 transcripts) '[…] it makes me feel good because I feel like I have helped other people, and that they are getting something from something that I’m doing. So it’s very valuable to the other people, and by them feeling good, it makes me feel like I’ve done something good.' (Belleville and Quinte West health champion)B
  • aB = beneficence. C = competence. R = relatedness. SDT = self-determination theory.

  • b100% of health champion transcripts mentioned beneficence.