Table 1. Dimensions and data sources of tools used for measuring the strength of primary care
Structure or systemGovernance X
Economic factors X X
Workforce X
Process or service deliveryAccessibility X X X X
Continuity X X X X
Coordination X X X X
Comprehensiveness X X X X
Family or patient-centredness X X
Community orientation X X
Outcomes or outputsQuality X X X X
Efficiency X X
Equity X X
Data sourcesExisting datasets X X X
Stakeholder survey X X X X
Health provider records X
  • PCAT = Primary Care Assessment Tool.31 QOF = Quality and Outcomes Framework.33 PHCPI = Primary Health Care Performance Initiative.14 EPCM = European Primary Care Monitor Framework from Primary Health Care Activity Monitor for Europe (PHAMEU).48 PCPCM = Person-Centered Primary Care Measure.25