Table 2. Study inclusion criteria
Inclusion criteria
Types of studiesPublication date January 1990–March 2020 (selected owing to introduction of the new GP contract and the Calman report that led to pre-modernising medical careers).
UK only (Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales, Channel Islands).
English language only.
Studies using qualitative, quantitative methods, empirical studies, interviews, systematic reviews, and original research.This includes mixed-methods studies.
Types of participantsMedical doctors including junior trainees, specialists, GPs.Mixed group of participants, for example, nurses and doctors only if results from doctors are explicitly separate from other participants.
Practising in the NHS.
Types of outcome measuresIntrinsic personal motivations; for example, personal attitudes, resilience, coping strategies, work–life balance.
Workforce, for example, job satisfaction, recruitment and attrition, financial incentives, early retirement, leaving.
Burden on health professionals.