Table 3. Needs to have important topics in the shared decision-making process for cancer treatment addressed in a GP consultation and whether this topic was addressed
My GP should …Listen to my worries and considerations about the diagnosis, treatment and its consequencesCheck if I understand the information about my diagnosis, treatment, and its consequencesDiscuss what I think is important in my life and the consequences of treatment options for these prioritiesExplain to me the importance of my own opinion when making a treatment decision
Need (yes)Topic addressed?(yes)aNeed (yes)Topic addressed? (yes)aNeed (yes)Topic addressed? (yes)aNeed (yes)Topic addressed? (yes)a
TotalOf totalOf needOf totalOf needOf totalOf needOf totalOf need
All responde r s 4526372482174447313069542173006664611530456729410
Aged <65 years2434205985100849168569326191639672571616656816010
Aged ≥65 years209216658073644144569216151376652041513806613410
Low educationb 4223267712739308735117296703311296703211
Middle educationb 181014958364443130572221171237681831512396911910
High educationb 218518128393051143966260181394642381714356613810
Haematological cancers832680823114653064901751262751550761388
Colorectal cancer732568782544551771941846964651448366429
Bladder cancer2562017983411766926151766914817669106
Gynaecologic cancer17014183664711970161311970171412775119
Melanoma cancer11997825153877313157966182383701113
Breast cancer11781002854424481869143188016810413804687610
Prostate cancer5434478222951384717018358666719377695214
Lung cancer14512486645210472201910572262595661213
Oesophageal cancer10484815464767315207572192578751215
Years since last received cancer treatment
Last treatment ≤2 years ago230718978299553153266289191510662891914976517111
Last treatment ≥3 years ago22191827827494115987225316149667172121548701238
Patient reported cancer stage
Will probably be cured8677088232947606701161957066811459869529
Will probably not be cured120810178455354806671421881868200247766411515
  • aPercentage ‘Topic addressed? (yes)’ is calculated for those who responded to have a need for GP involvement and filled in the question ‘Topic addressed?’ Denominators vary for this question and are slightly lower than thetotal number of patients who indicated to have a need to have SDM topics addressed by the GP, dueto missing data (i.e. not all respondents filled in the follow-up question‘Topic addressed’). Further information is available from the authors onrequest. bEducation is categorised as high (university or higher professional education), middle (secondary education), and low (primary education or no education).