Table 2. Need for GP involvement in cancer care and whether GP involvement occurred. Presented for total and stratified per subgroup
Need for GP involvement in cancer care any time after diagnosis
Need (yes)Contact occurred? (yes)a
TotalOf totalOf need
All responders4763280459219379
Aged <65 years2537157762124580
Aged ≥65 years222612275594878
Low educationb 4642545518875
Middle educationb 190811345984976
High educationb 2276135159110582
Haematological cancers8744785538080
Colorectal cancer7874025130778
Bladder cancer2701284710583
Gynaecologic cancer179121689176
Melanoma cancer12575606485
Breast cancer12317916458274
Prostate cancer5693235727686
Lung cancer153105698381
Oesophageal cancer10572696388
Years since last received cancer treatment
Last treatment ≤2 years ago2404146261121584
Last treatment ≥3 years ago235913425797874
Patient reported cancer stage
Will probably be cured9015355941378
Will probably not be cured12568256669985
  • aPercentage ‘Contact occurred? (yes)’ is calculated for those who responded to have a need for GP involvement and filled in the question ‘Contact occurred?’. Denominators vary for this question and are slightly lower than the total number of patients who indicated to have a need for GP involvement, due to missing data (i.e. not all respondents filled in the follow-up question ‘Contact occurred’). Further information is available from the authors on request bEducation is categorised as high (university or higher professional education), middle (secondary education), and low (primary education or no education).