Table 3. Demographic and practice determinants of individual components of DES funding (£/patient): adjusted regression model
Predictor variableInfluenza & pneumococcal immunisationRotavirus & shingles immunisationMeningitis immunisationChildhood immunisationsPertussis immunisationLearning disabilities checksMinor surgeryExtended hours accessViolent patient servicesOut of area, in-hours urgent care
Adj. R2: 0.50Adj. R2: 0.29Adj. R2: 0.39Adj. R2: 0.19Adj. R2: 0.21Adj. R2: 0.11Adj. R2: 0.09Adj. R2: 0.08Adj. R2: 0.09Adj. R2: 0.002
Age of registered patients, years (comparator: 15–44)Regression coefficient, B (95% CI)
 0–40.48(–1.29 to 2.25)1.78a(1.58 to 1.98)5.24a(4.95 to 5.53)18.7a(16.5 to 20.9)0.98b(0.89 to 1.08)0.09(–0.98 to 1.15)1.37(–2.95 to 5.69)2.69(–0.32 to 5.71)1.39(–1.82 to 4.61)–0.01(–0.07 to 0.04)
 5–140.77(–0.18 to 1.71)–0.22a(–0.33 to –0.11)–0.72a(–0.88 to –0.57)1.65b(0.47 to 2.83)–0.19a(0.24 to –0.14)0.80b(0.23 to 1.37)–0.004(–2.31 to 2.30)0.46(–1.14 to 2.06)–3.04b(–4.75 to –1.33)–0.0004(–0.03 to 0.03)
 45–640.69c(0.14 to 1.24)0.04(–0.02 to 0.10)–0.09(–0.18 to 0.01)1.95a(1.26 to 2.65)0.02(–0.11 to 0.06)0.24(–0.09 to 0.57)2.05b(0.69 to 3.40)1.36b(0.42 to 2.30)1.35b(0.35 to 2.35)0.007(–0.02 to 0.01)
 ≥655.71a(5.24 to 6.18)0.54a(0.49 to 0.60)–0.30a(–0.38 to 0.22)–0.79(–1.38 to –0.20)–0.09(–0.11 to –0.06)–0.37c(–0.65 to –0.08)2.17a (1.01 to 3.32)–1.02c(–1.82 to –0.21)–2.43a(–3.29 to –1.58)–0.003(–0.02 to 0.01)
Social deprivation (most deprived compared with least deprived quintile)–0.15a(–0.21 to –0.08)–0.02a(–0.03 to 0.02)–0.03a(–0.04 to –0.02)–0.12b(–0.20 to –0.05)–0.01a(–0.02 to –0.01)0.10a(0.07 to 0.14)0.11(–0.04 to 0.26)–0.24a(–0.35 to –0.14)0.03(–0.08 to 0.14)–0.001(–0.003 to 0.001)
Black ethnic group (compared with White ethnic group)0.08(–0.28 to 0.44)–0.02(–0.06 to 0.02)–0.02(–0.08 to 0.04)–1.09a(–1.54 to –0.64)–0.04a(0.06 to –0.01)–0.26c(–0.47 to –0.04)–0.66(–1.54 to 0.22)0.82b(0.20 to 1.43)–0.45(–1.10 to 0.21)0.001(–0.01 to 0.01)
Asian ethnic group (compared with White ethnic group)0.37a(0.23 to 0.52)–0.01(–0.02 to 0.01)0.01(–0.01 to 0.04)0.08(–0.10 to 0.26)–0.02(–0.01 to 0.02)0.07(–0.02 to 0.15)0.16(–0.19 to 0.51)0.06(–0.19 to 0.30)–0.03(–0.23 to 0.29)0.002(–0.002 to 0.006)
  • The B coefficients displayed are adjusted for all predictors included in the original regression model, Table 2. For simplicity, only age, deprivation, and ethnic group predictors are shown in this Table.

  • Adjusted R2 values refer to values for the regression model for each individual directed enhanced services (DES) component. asignificant, P<0.001. bsignificant, P<0.01. csignificant, P<0.05.