Table 1. Baseline characteristics of participating general practices
Practice characteristics (n = 37)%
Type of practice (%)
 Single-handed practice (1 GP)27
 Practice with 2 GPs24
 Group practice or healthcare centre (≥2 GPs)49
Practice setting (%)
 Urban-rural fringe16
Quality of care (% yes)
 Accreditation by NPA73
 Participation in chronic care group89
Health professionals in general practice (% yes)
 Lifestyle coach16
Involved in chronic disease management (% yes)
 Cardiovascular risk management82
Lifestyle support service within general practice (% yes)
 Weight management or healthy food sessions30
 Exercise programmes14
Community-based lifestyle services (% yes)
 Practice is well informed about lifestyle services59
 Written overview of available lifestyle services54
 Access to information about lifestyle services during consultation62
  • NPA = Netherlands Practice Accreditation.