Table 1. Demographic characteristics of GP participants and their patient populations
IDSexStatusIndex of multiple deprivationscore for GP practice (2019) aSize of practicebBase practice for PMHWs
GP1 FPartner36.3MediumNo
GP2 MPartner42.3MediumYes
GP3 FPartner46.4MediumYes
GP4 FPartner46.4MediumYes
GP5 FPartner37.5LargeNo
GP6 FPartner24.4MediumNo
GP7 FPartner30.3SmallYes
GP8 MPartner33.1LargeNo
GP9 FPartner34.0LargeNo
  • a Information obtained from National General Practice Profiles (available at England: 21.7 (average).

  • b Small = patient population size of up to 4000; Medium = 4500 – 8000; Large = 8000-16 000. NHS East Lancashire CCG: 7172 (average), Blackburn with Darwen CCG: 7363 (average).