ThemeSub-themeExample of found problemRepresentative quote
Physical health EnergyTiredness 'I’m very caring. I like to care. But sometimes it comes at the expense of myself and that expresses itself as tiredness.' (D)
Sleep problems 'I don’t sleep instantly. First, I have to be sure he [the patient] is sleeping. Then I dare to take a nap. Usually that’s not until the morning.' (C)
Complaints and painNeck pain 'Stress! Tenderness! It started to accumulate in my neck and shoulders. Therefore I received physiotherapy for, I think, three months. It crept in without me being aware…' (B)
Headache 'At some point, I got a sort of headache and neck pain...' (G)
Feeling sick more often 'In two months I’ve been sick four times, like a sort of flu, with a terrible headache, nausea and vomiting, which I usually never have. I never have headache. I just didn’t understand, until I realised: maybe it’s a manifestation of…' (A)
Chest pain 'One time, I went to the GP because I had chest pain, within the heart region. I thought: It’d be better to have it checked before I collapse as well.' (M)
Medical observationsWeight changes 'At the moment I weigh 63.8 kilograms. Last year I weighted 76. So that’s 13 kilograms less.' (C)
Mental health Cognitive functioningAmnesia 'During the holidays I bought the kids tickets for the theatre. Great show. Very expensive tickets. And I just forgot. With all the hustle … The children were very sad and upset. I felt really bad about it.' (M)
Emotional stateDifficulty expressing emotions 'When he [the patient] is very sad, it makes me sad as well. Then I want to cry, but I block. That’s because I’m afraid to start crying and won’t be able to stop anymore … Since there’s so much which still needs to be processed.' (I)
StressMore stress 'Just restlessness. 24 hours of restlessness.' (E)
Depressive feelingsMore depressive feelings 'Cleaning the house. I don’t feel anything for it anymore. I don’t care anymore. I take one day at a time, or I don’t take any.' (C)
AnxietyFear of recurrence 'If she [the patient] is in the bathroom a little long, I go upstairs to touch base. It just has become automatic. For all we know, she lies there as I experienced before.' (L)
Self-esteem and manageabilityShame 'I don’t like the way I behave this way [considering the patient’s body as scary]. I don’t blame him, but I blame myself…' (J)
Existential dimension and future Spiritual dimension and meaningChanged spirituality 'Occasionally a little prayer and a Hail Mary really supported me.' (H)
AcceptanceDifficulty accepting the situation 'Accept it the way it is. It made the situation more bearable and easier, I think. Well, it wasn’t easy, but because of that we managed to get through this.' (M)
Future prospectsUncertainties in the future 'When comes the quality time we hope to get some day?' (J)
Quality of life Impaired freedom 'We lived very relaxed, everything was possible. Which is delightful if everything goes well, but has turned over completely now. However, it’s not necessarily a bad one. Really.' (A)
Relationship and social participation RelationshipImpaired intimacy 'Well, you don’t actually have any physical contact, not to mention sex.' (J)
Social participationLosing friends 'Now you realise who really is close to you. It takes a while to accept, but you don’t actually realise it until now.' (D)
Daily life Hobbies and leisureRecreational limitations 'Taking a nice walk. In Berlin we walked about fifteen kilometres a day. Lovely, isn’t it? You’ll see everything. Well, that’s never going to happen anymore.' (A)
Family and homeMore responsibilities at home 'Look, my husband has become sick and I haven’t, but I’m involved just as much.' (I)
Work and financial mattersFinancial uncertainties 'Financially, we don’t dare to spend a lot of money yet. So sports club I don’t dare yet and swimming neither actually. Soon I can swim in the pond over here, that’s free.' (M) [Owing to M’s patient, who is currently depending on benefit]