Table 1. Sociodemographic description of the participating children at 5-year follow-up (N = 7443)
Sociodemographic dataParticipating children at 5-year follow-up
Birth weight <2.500 grams2112.8
Small for gestational age1472.0
Born in or before week 361532.1
Mother smoking during pregnancy5867.9
Mother’s education levela
  9 years / primary school4656.4
  12 years / high school429359.0
  University degree251834.6
Father’s education levelb
  9 years / primary school91512.7
  12 years / high school448462.3
  University degree180425.0
Mother’s place of birthc
  Born in Sweden713298.0
  Born outside of Sweden1482.0
Parental civil statusc
  Single parent881.2
Received antibiotics prescription during 20052014623183.7
Median age of mothers at childbirth, years (range)29 (16 to 45)
Median birth weight, grams3595
  • aN = 7276. bN = 7203. cN = 7280.