Table 3. Exemplar quotations from participants: stress and burnout
Major themes Minor themes Exemplar quotations
Stress and burnoutKnowledge and training 'But I don’t know how much it’s been expressed that you, as the doctor, you need to look after yourself.' (Focus Group 2, R7)
'… we’ve not been trained to do little more than gather a history that can possibly identify someone’s suicide risk or whether they’re psychotic. Like we just need to figure it out ourselves in terms of our training.' (Focus Group 1, R2)'I wouldn’t have said that I’d had any training on how to cope or how to get through terrible things…' (Focus Group 2, R2)
Keeping up appearances '…we have to appear to cope. We have to pretend all the time that we think we know exactly what’s happening or what’s going on and what to do next. “Trust me, I’m your doctor,” …but half the time inside you’re going, “Oh, I can’t remember that,” or, “I don’t know what to do.” But yet we, we cope. What do we do with all that stress? Where does all that mental energy go?' (Focus Group 1, R5)
Detaching from work 'My mum, she was GP and she used to tell me, “When you leave the job, leave the work, you just shut the door, so you leave everything in your practice, don’t take it home.” But it’s not easy.' (Focus group 2, R4)