Table 1. Theories on the determinants of benzodiazepines prescription by GPs in France
Authors / Date / Method / LinkTitleMain results
Zaknoun / 2017 /Qualitative study Stopping benzodiazepines and related long-term prescriptions: difficulties in general practiceDependence and social difficulties of the patients. Difficulties with drugs detoxication. Non-use of non-drug treatments
Kouakoua / 2017 /Qualitative study Re-prescription benzodiazepines and related in general practice in the Lille region (France)Age of the patient. Coprescription. Duration of follow-up of the patients. Social factors: unemployment and precariousness. No use of diagnostic tools
Duboy / 2015 /Qualitative study Over-consumption of anxiolytic and hypnotic benzodiazepines in France: prospects for improvement of prescribing and withdrawal in general practiceTrivial prescription (empathic prescription). Feeling helpless. ‘Miracle drug’ concept.
Faurie / 2014 /Quantitative study Determinants of benzodiazepine and related turnover beyond three months: one quantitative study of 187 GPs in Poitou-Charentes (France)Not satisfied with initial medical training and continuing vocational training. Incomplete professional skills. Time constraints. Patient requirements. Lack of therapeutic alternatives. Lack of interprofessional coordination. Optimistic vision of the drug. Perception of social pressure or increased psychosocial problems