Table 2. Theories on other proposed measures to reduce or stop benzodiazepines prescriptions by GPs
Authors / Date / Method / LinkTitleMain results
Berthes / 2013 /Systematic review of the literature Guide to the first prescription of benzodiazepines in anxiety disorders and insomniaInterest in practical guides for doctors (indications and conditions of use)
Coispeau / 2016 /Qualitative study Development of a ESBI-type online training tool for the optimisation of benzodiazepine prescriptions in general practiceUsing a ESBI Tutorial ‘Benzos‘ Online Training for GPs
Bullo-Masuyer / 2014 / Qualitative study Withdrawal of benzodiazepines: can the substitute general practitioner help? Qualitative study in the south region (France)Interest of the singular conference in the benzodiazepines detoxification. Fight against the therapeutic inertia of the replaced doctor. The substitute modifies the behaviour of the patient but also that of the replaced doctor
Demouveaux / 2017 / Qualitative study Benzodiazepine withdrawal of elderly patients in general practice: utopia or reality?Prevention and therapeutic education, improving access to psychotherapy and public involvement in the fight against BZD consumption among older patients
  • BZDs = benzodiazepines. ESBI = Early Spotting and Brief Intervention.