Table 1. Participant characteristics
Alias, age, sexOccupation and work statusSymptomsDurationCourseImagingTreatments receivedRMDQTSKManagement plan
Edward 71, MRetiredLeg pain40 yearsEpisodic (not in an episode at the time of interview)MRIMedication, acupuncture, chiropractic, physiotherapy1/2432Self-management
Myfanwy, 53, FPolice officer; on sick leave due to symptomsLeg pain > back pain8 monthsEpisodicMRIMedication, chiropractic, physiotherapy, spinal injection11/2441Review with APP
Gordon, 57, MDelivery driver; unemployed; stopped work due to symptomsLeg pain10 monthsSevere, constantXRMRIMedication22/2443Physiotherapy
Gethin, 42, MEmployedLeg pain> back pain, foot numbness1 yearConstant, not changingMRIOsteopathy14/2433Physiotherapy and review with consultant
Marley, 52, MSelf-employed, runs own training companyLeg pain3 yearsConstant, variableMRIMedication, osteopathy, physiotherapy, spinal surgery3/2423Nerve root block±surgical opinion
Ricardo, 45, MEngineer;occasional days offLeg pain > back pain, foot numbness2 yearsDeterioratingMRIMedication, acupuncture, physiotherapy16/2448Surgical opinion
Margret, 76, FRetiredLeg pain3 monthsImprovingXRMedication, physiotherapy5/2432Self-management
Maria, 63, FEmployed carer; off work 3 monthsLeg pain > back pain9 monthsVariable, but improving overallXRMRIMedication, acupuncture, chiropractic, physiotherapy17/2445Nerve root block
Megan, 21, FStudent and works in a supermarketLeg pain8 monthsSevere, constant, deterioratingMRIMedication, chiropractic, physiotherapy20/2443Surgical opinion
Harry, 44, MCivil servant; intermittent time offLeg pain18 yearsEpisodic, deterioratingMRIMedication, chiropractic, physiotherapy, nerve root block18/2445Review with consultant
Patricia, 68, FRetiredLeg pain and numbness5 monthsImprovingXRMRIMedication, physiotherapy8/2442Review with APP
Martha, 54, FTeaching assistant; returned on light dutiesLeg pain, foot cramps, numbness, and paraesthesia4 monthsImprovingNoneMedication, osteopathy, physiotherapy10/2438Physiotherapy
Hannah, 45, FHealthcare support worker; returned on reduced hoursLeg pain, foot paraesthesia, and cramps9 monthsSevere, constant, not changingMRIMedication, massage therapy, physiotherapy15/2451Nerve root block
  • APP = advanced physiotherapy practitioner. MRI = magnetic resonance imaging. RMDQ = Modified Rolland Morris Disability Questionnaire.29 TSK = Tampa Scale of Kinesiophobia (>37 high score, and ≤37 low scores).28 XR = X-ray.

  • ‘>’ indicates patient’s relative rating of pain; for example, leg pain rated to be greater than back pain.