Table 1. Average (mean) Likert scales in each of seven areas for the three groups, and Kruskal-Wallace test of significance
Wax and otitis externaSatisfactionTechnical qualityInterpersonal mannerCommunicationFinancial aspectsTime spent with doctorAccessibility and
GP-intervention group4.404.434.434.494.044.103.84
Pre-intervention group4.354.104.304.373.754.163.64
RVEEH control3.963.773.974.043.813.743.44
Kruskal-Wallace difference test of significanceaP<0.002P<0.000P<0.000P<0.000P<0.000P<0.02P<0.03
  • RVEEH = Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital, Dublin.

  • a Between GP-intervention and RVEEH care.